The Most Unique Snack At Buc-ee's Is A Savory Czech Pastry
By Brianna Corley
If you love gas station food and you happen to be road-tripping across the south, you have to try and make a pit stop at Buc-ee’s. Their sweet caramel-tasting Beaver Nuggets and wide variety of jerky flavors are must-try treats, but the one snack you absolutely cannot miss is their Czech pastry stuffed with a filling that will set your tongue on fire.
Originally created in the Czech Republic, the first kolaches were made by filling the dough with fruit, but when Czech immigrants brought the treat to Texas, they started stuffing kolaches with savory eats instead. Buc-ee's is carrying on this Texan tradition by selling a puffy kolache pastry stuffed with delectable sausage, gooey cheddar cheese, and spicy jalapeño.
Atlanta Magazine reports that the taste of these jalapeño sausage cheese kolaches is “oh so satisfying.” My San Antonio agreed with this assessment, saying that despite being made by a large-scale chain, these pastries have impeccably fresh dough, and tastes just like the ones you'd find in a mom-and-pop kolache shop.