Marinated spicy chicken wings.
The Most Straight-Forward Method For Separating Chicken Wing Drums And Flats
By Betsy Parks
There are two distinct parts to chicken wings — the drums, which look like tiny drumsticks with one bone inside, and the flats, which are the middle part of the wing that have two small bones and are, well, flat shaped. If you buy chicken wings from the grocery store, you will get both, but separating chicken wing parts is a snap if you know where to make the cuts.
Step one is to separate the flat and the drum by holding the wing down with one hand, putting your knife against the joint between the two big parts of the wing, and making a cut. Wiggle the knife around to get between the two bones and through the joint, and you have drums!
Step two is to remove the wing tip from the flat by holding your wing against the cutting board, skin side down, and pulling the wing tip out a bit, so that you can see where the joint separates. Place your knife blade between the bones and firmly press down to cut right through the joint, repeat your cuts on the rest of your wings, and be ready for game day.