Miso soup served in bowl with Renge spoon for dinner, atop patio table.
The Miso Mistake To Avoid For The Best Tasting Soup
By Haldan Kirsch
As versatile as miso is as an ingredient, Miso Tasty points out that it does have some vital rules for its use. Miso is well regarded for its nutritional boost, but one common mistake can spoil many benefits.
The most common mistake that inexperienced cooks make when preparing miso soup is to boil their miso, per Miso Tasty. Miso has many nutritional benefits due to its natural probiotics, but high heat can kill them, so it's best to use it as a cold ingredient for the most health benefits.
You can also add the miso paste at the very end of broth preparation to preserve the probiotics. The paste can be added by using a fine strainer, or by putting the miso in a small bowl, adding a splash of lukewarm broth, and then whisking it to ensure the miso breaks down entirely before adding it back to the soup.