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The Mini Utensil You Never Thought You Needed
By Crystal Antonace
Among the many kitchen gadgets used daily, a whisk is one we can agree is at least on a weekly rotation. BBC goodfood describes a whisk as essential in mixing ingredients, and while there are various types of whisks — the balloon whisk, kettle whisk, roux whisk, spiral whisk, conical whisk, and French whisk — there’s one kind you need in your kitchen.
According to New York Times food writer Melissa Clark, among the kitchen utensils she can’t live without, a miniature whisk sits at the top of the list (via Rachael Ray Show). She loves them since they’re easy to manipulate, and you can “whisk really quickly, which is nice.” 
The Pioneer Woman editors also swear by the miniature whisk and recommend using one to blend your everyday favorites like salad dressing and scrambled eggs. Whisks are used to add air in certain recipes or give shape to particular ingredients like egg whites, and a mini whisk can easily fit into your kitchen.