Woman heating food in the microwave.
The Microwave Power Trick For Perfectly Silky Steamed Eggs
By Stacie Adams
If you're looking for a fast and easy way to prepare eggs and achieve a perfect texture without sacrificing flavor, look no further than your microwave. This innovative microwave egg-cooking hack comes from Eric Kim, an accomplished chef and The New York Times writer known for his many culinary contributions, including penning cookbooks and hosting his own YouTube show.
Per The New York Times, Kim’s dish is similar to gyeran jjim, a steamed egg with a texture close to custard that is quite popular in Korean cuisine. For Kim's recipe, the chef cooks the egg in the microwave at 500 watts to ensure the preparation achieves the perfect "silken" texture with just the right amount of "wobble."
While unconventional egg recipes are often intimidating, especially to those with less experience in the kitchen, Kim's preparation shows that you can create something impressive using tools you already have at home. After all, cooking an egg is truly an art form that should be learned by amateur and professional chefs alike.