tomatoes on a vine
The Microwave Hack For Quickly Peeling Tomatoes
By Nico Danilovich
If you need to peel a tomato, your microwave can do it in a flash using an easy process that starts with a simple cold-water wash and chopping off the stem.
After your tomato is cleaned, use a knife to slice an "X" into the bottom of the tomato and make some little cuts near the top so steam can escape as it warms.
On a safe dish, nuke the tomato on full power for about half a minute. The amount of time depends on the tomato’s size, so keep an eye on it to make sure it's not cooking.
Let the tomato cool off before grabbing it (a quick ice bath can help), and once it’s cool, the skin should be wrinkly enough for you to peel off with your fingers or a utensil.
You can also zap multiple at a time by cutting the tomatoes in half, placing them face-down on a dish, and increasing the warm-up time to about a minute.