Shot of a young woman using a mobile phone in a grocery store
The Merchandising 'Perk' You Shouldn't Fall For While Grocery Shopping
By Kelly Douglas
Grocery stores are full of everything we could ever want or need, but the way they stock and organize their products often influences what we buy. While it feels logical that everything in the store is located in a sensible, convenient place, a store's product placement is often actually a marketing tactic used to boost its revenue.
Placing complementary items like shortcake cups and strawberries together is a clever tactic called cross merchandising. Supermarkets claim this method prevents customers from forgetting to buy two or more items that go together, but the truth is if they stock these items near each other, you will likely buy them together even if you only need one.
Make a grocery list to avoid the psychology of grocery store merchandising; if you plan on shopping at multiple stores, make separate lists to know which store has the lowest prices. Shop systematically, stick to the items on your list, and only stop by the aisles with the products you need to save some extra cash on your next grocery run.