A view of a McDonald's food restaurant logo sign.
The McDonald's Ordering Hack That Might Get You McNuggets For Much Cheaper
By Stacie Adams
If you can't get enough of McDonald's chicken nuggets, you might want to rethink ordering the 10-piece McNuggets from the regular menu.
Instead, order two six-piece McNuggets off the Dollar Menu, as you'll get more nuggets for less money. However, there are exceptions to this hack.
Prices can fluctuate from location to location, and according to the app of one particular location, a four-piece order is priced at $2.29 on the Dollar Menu.
However, the McNuggets & Meals section of the app lists multiple sizes, and the price for a four-piece order is exactly the same as the Dollar Menu.
Additionally, a six-piece order costs $2.99, while a 10-piece order totals $4.79, making the latter a better deal when ordering from this particular location.
Perhaps the chain has caught wind of the hack and altered the prices to thwart deal-seeking customers, or maybe you have to visit the physical location to make this hack work.