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The McDonald's Breakfast Hack For Sweet, Fruit-Packed Pancakes
By Stacie Adams
McDonald’s lovers have discovered a way to elevate the chain's pancake breakfast with an ordering trick. Simply order a Happy Meal and combine the fruit bag with your hotcakes.
Fruit and pancakes are a perfect pairing, and hacking your order at McDonald’s allows you to achieve a richer, sweeter pancake-based breakfast on a budget.
The fruit selection varies according to location. U.K. McDonald's locations offer a melon fruit bag, while customers in the U.S. get a bag of apple slices with their Happy Meals.
McDonald’s can impose restrictions on Happy Meal purchases depending on location, demand, and supply, so be sure to check the policy at your local McDonald’s.
If your local McDonald’s is strict, try ordering a hot fudge parfait instead, which has whipped cream, hot fudge, and ice cream. Use a spoon to add these sweets to your pancakes.