varieties of red organic tomatoes on a white wood surface, top view
The Massive Heirloom Tomato Many Consider To Be The Most Flavorful
By Heather Newman
The tastiest heirloom tomato is the Brandywine Pink tomato. It's one of the largest varieties out there — an absolute unit of a tomato that's a star of summer cuisine.
Heirloom tomatoes are bred through maintained seed lines to maximize certain qualities, such as color, or in the case of the Brandywine Pink, taste.
The Brandywine Pink tomato has a thick, hearty flesh that's full of vibrant flavor. It's rich and heady while still offering the fresh lightness of summer.
As chef Michael Kornick said, "I love Brandywine tomatoes because of their rich flavor. Brandywines have a balanced amount of acid and are thick and meaty with a delicious juice."
It's perfect by itself, freshly sliced and brushed with salt, or served atop baguette slices. Its distilled summer flavor, big size, and sturdy flesh make it perfect for cooking, too.
The Brandywine tomato is a beautiful addition to salads and lends itself naturally to homemade salsa, offering a lot of punch without being too watery.