Closeup of asparagus spears.
The Mason Jar Hack To Prolong The Life Of Your Asparagus
By Andra Picincu
While asparagus is full of nutrients, it lasts only three to four days. However, this easy hack can keep it fresh for longer.
First, trim any tough parts of the asparagus that can hinder water absorption, and then fill a clean mason jar with about 2 inches of water.
Like a bouquet of flowers, place the asparagus inside the jar and cover the upper parts of the spears with plastic wrap to prevent it from absorbing moisture from the air.
If you plan to store the asparagus for longer, you can clean out the cloudy or murky water, rinse the asparagus, and place it back in the jar with clean water.
Refrigerate the jar until you're ready to make bacon-wrapped asparagus, frittata con asparagi, or other delicious meals.