A seashell shaped bowl of Colombian mixed ceviche, fish, octopus and shrimp, prepared with lemon juice, coriander, mango sauce, garlic, spearmint and cocktail sauce, served on a plate with fried plantains, toasted corn and guacamole, in a restaurant in Cartagena, Colombia
The Marinade Step You Shouldn't Skip When Making Ceviche
By Chandler Phillips
Ceviche has a rather meticulous preparation, so timing is everything when preparing this simple, flavorful dish. Your ceviche marinade is also important as it can make or break your dish, but culinary educator Frank Proto introduces a crucial step we all need to follow for a perfect ceviche.
Proto insists that you taste your marinade before adding it to the fish "to make sure the flavors are balanced," as the curing clock starts once incorporated. This vital step allows you to adjust and hone the dish’s flavor compared to adding seasonings post-assembly.
A classic Peruvian ceviche marinade consists of fresh lime juice and fish broth seasoned with onion, garlic, cilantro, ginger, and rocoto chili. You can also try the Ecuadorian variation, with tomatoes, orange juice, and shrimp, but remember to consistently taste your marinade before adding the fish to curate your intended taste and maximize the flavor and texture of the final product.