Mid air action shot of a chocolate bar being smashed into pieces.
The Major Catch To Consider When Freezing Chocolate
By Kelly Douglas
While there are both advantages and disadvantages to the different storage methods for chocolate, storing it in the refrigerator or freezer can help bring out its flavors and prevent it from turning into a melty mess. However, there's a catch to this method that might require taking a few extra precautions.
Chocolate shouldn't be exposed to moisture, as damp air dissolves the sugar on the surface of the chocolate and affects the structure and texture of the treat. Then, when the moisture evaporates, the sugar solidifies once again, but now in the form of dried-up crystals on your chocolate if you place the bars in the freezer.
Before you place chocolate bars or blocks in the freezer, consider ways to prevent them from being exposed to moisture. One of the best strategies is to place your chocolate in an airtight container before freezing it, as well as wrapping the chocolate bars before you freeze them to prevent moisture from seeping in.