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The Logistical Reason Why Employees Recommended Avoiding McDonald's Grilled Chicken
By Brianna Corley
Some nutritionists touted the now-discontinued grilled chicken as one of McDonald's healthiest menu items, but Ronald McDonald's employees recommended skipping it. Just in case the menu item ever does return, you need to know of its logistical flaw.
McDonald's pre-preps a lot of the items it sells, and because it wasn't a customer favorite, the pre-cooked grilled chicken usually sat in the chain's heated cabinets for a long time. The sandwich was prone to going dry quickly in these cabinets, at which point an associate told Mental Floss it looked “like burnt rubber, and probably tastes like it, too.”
Another McDonald's staff member claimed that the grilled chicken came frozen, and the staff would prepare the meat by defrosting and steaming it, giving it a “gelatinous” quality. Because it tended to go dry lighting fast, both employees discouraged customers from purchasing the bygone product, but you can ask them to make your meal fresh to avoid biting into a stale sandwich.