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The Logistical Reason Chains Can't Sell Both Coke And Pepsi
By Julia Mullaney
Some people can't tell Pepsi apart from Coke, while others swear that one is enormously better than the other. However, you'll almost never find a restaurant that sells both — and the reason is much more involved than just personal preference.
As with most businesses, it all comes down to price. The simple answer is that when Pepsi or Coca-Cola signs a deal with a restaurant, it's almost always exclusive — meaning the restaurant must agree in writing that it will not sell other soft drink companies' products.
Statistically, you're more likely to see Coca-Cola products offered in a restaurant versus Pepsi products, at least when it comes to major U.S. restaurant chains. According to a chart by Business Insider, Coca-Cola products outnumber Pepsi products in major chains.