Sweet Italian almond cookies and tea on a kitchen table
The Liqueur That Can Jazz Up Any Sweet Dish
By Kalea Martin
When you add alcohol like spiced rum and limoncello to a dessert, it doesn't only layer on more flavor, but it also intensifies the ones that are present.
This occurs with any type of alcohol, from bourbon to Baileys, but there's actually one liqueur that pairs surprisingly well with sweets: amaretto.
Amaretto, which literally translates to “little bitter” in Italian, can be used as a substitute for vanilla extract or added to cookies and cakes for an extra boost of flavor.
If you’re using it in place of vanilla extract, all you need to do is swap out an equal amount, and your dessert will have a perfectly balanced flavor.
Besides its almond flavor, amaretto also has caramelized sugar and spices, and sometimes the almonds are substituted with apricot and peach pits.
It’s why your desserts won’t taste overwhelmingly nutty, and its unique bitter flavor counteracts the sweetness of a sugary dessert.