A bowl of dry cereal against a pink background
The Lawsuit That Made Kellogg's Change The Original Froot Loops Name
By Nick Johnson
When you're browsing the aisles of your local grocery store, you're probably going to find some products that are branded misleadingly, as many brands use names or slogans that imply false things about the product. Allegedly, this issue forced Kellogg's to change the name of one of its most famous cereals.
As the story goes, in 1959, Kellogg's introduced the world to a new cereal that consisted of multicolored rings and tasted like fruit, appropriately called Fruit Loops. However, some people felt that Kellogg's was falsely claiming that the cereal was made of natural ingredients, and a lawsuit, Paxton v. Kellogg's, ultimately resulted in the company changing the name to Froot Loops.
However, a deeper dive into this story reveals that the entire story of Paxton v. Kellogg's is likely apocryphal. Kellogg's officially states that Froot Loops were first released in 1963 and makes no mention of the legal battle over the product's fruit content, as most everyone knows the cereal is primarily sweetened with straight-up sugar.