Shot of an unrecognizable woman doing her laundry at home
The Laundry Basket Hack Saving TikTok Time And Effort At The Grocery Store
By David Tran
Plastic grocery bags were invented and patented in 1965, and by 1985, 75% of grocery stores had plastic bags. Today, many grocery stores are providing fewer plastic bags due to environmental concerns, and TikTok has a clever hack in the face of this change that can help reduce time and effort at the grocery store.
In a viral TikTok video, @1980sgamer shares a shopping hack — after checking out, just load the groceries back into the shopping cart and place your groceries into the baskets. Upon arriving back home, simply unload the baskets out of the trunk, saving the multiple trips back and forth between your car and home.
States such as California, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont have banned single-use plastic bags, and some cities have adopted plastic bag fees to lessen their prevalence. Even in areas where plastic grocery bags are allowed, some retailers such as Costco do not offer them, leading to shopping tips like the laundry basket hack.