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The Label You Should Never Ignore While Shopping At Aldi
By Stacie Adams
Aldi excels at creating the best possible experience to meet a wide range of consumer needs and preferences. The grocery chain also prioritizes goods from its private label instead of stocking the shelves with name brands and even conducts a yearly poll of the best products according to its customers.
Per the Aldi website, the company polls its customers yearly, and in the U.S., the results are shared under the name Fan Favorites (the program is The People's Picks in Australia and features its residents' favorite products). The Fan Favorites list can be identified via a heart-shaped logo on labeling both inside the store and online.
In 2022, shoppers lauded the chain's selection of fresh strawberries, Atlantic salmon, chicken tenderloins, ravioli, white cheddar puffs, and the wholesome pairing of Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries. Identifying these Fan Favorites easily when shopping allows all customers to take advantage of the great selection at Aldi.