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The KitKat Flavor Inspired By A French Dessert
By Kimberley Laws
KitKat is available in over 80 countries and comes in many unconventional flavors, including baked potato, wine, roasted tea, and cough syrup. Nestlé has also created its own KitKat renditions of popular desserts, including a beloved French dessert.
KitKat’s flavor choice was the French-born Mont Blanc, described by The Hungry Bites as “a thin tart base which is topped with a dome of whipped cream and then covered by chestnut puree in the form of thin vermicelli.” While popular in France and Switzerland, Mont Blanc is also well-loved in Japan, where the KitKat was released.
As Seen In Japan taste-tested the Mont Blanc KitKat and confessed it was softer and thicker than the typical KitKat, adding that it was rightfully "sugary and sweet" and that the coating had a "smooth, buttery feel." However, Japanese Snack Reviews did not enjoy the candy, citing a fake caramel taste and an over-the-top sweetness as the reasons.