Bowl of Japanese rice with chopsticks
The Kitchen Towel Hack For Superbly Fluffy Rice
By Elaina Friedman
If you consistently wind up with slightly gummy and overcooked rice despite following every rule in the book, consider using a dish towel to absorb excess moisture from the steam.
Place a dish towel under the pot lid until you're ready to serve. The fabric will trap moisture from the steam to keep the rice fluffy and prevent it from getting overcooked.
If the rice sits for too long after cooking, the steam will settle on the underside of the lid and drip down into the grains, causing them to clump together.
According to a Reddit thread, using a towel during the cooking process absorbs unwanted moisture while giving the lid a tighter seal, which is necessary for evenly cooked rice.
To further improve the texture of your rice, wash the grains a few times until the water is clear and free of excess starch, then fluff the rice with a fork before serving it.