The Key To Saving Time And Effort At The Grocery Store? Doubling Recipes
By Crystal Antonace
Regardless of how much you like (or dislike) grocery shopping, there are certain elements of the shopping experience that can make those weekly trips stressful. To cope with grocery store stressors like high prices and big crowds, there’s one efficient method you should consider that will help you stretch your time and funds even further.
To stretch your weekly groceries, consider batch cooking your meals to avoid being left with any residual ingredients — this way, you’ll have less food waste and be one step ahead by prepping additional meals for a later date. When doubling a recipe, remember to ensure you have enough pots and pans to handle the extra ingredients, and pay close attention to cook time.
If you want to buy foods in bulk without feeling like you must eat the same meal over and over, simply repurpose those ingredients to make different meals instead. Other money-saving grocery store hacks include meal planning, and food shopping when the store is less busy, like early in the morning or before the pre-dinner rush.