Baby carrots in a french fry holder.
The Key To Making Carrot Fries That Are Actually Crispy
By Haldan Kirsch
Carrots can give the same crisp snap as an oven-baked potato fry, and they have a unique sweetness that can be balanced out with salty or spicy notes. Sure, they may not have the same natural crispness as potatoes, but that can be easily remedied by drenching them in corn starch.
Once you drizzle some oil on your carrot sticks, drench them in corn starch to ensure your carrot fries get extra crispy. Potatoes have a high starch content, which forms a layer of connections on the potato's exterior, leading to a perfectly crispy fry, but carrots don’t have as much starch and need a light coating of corn starch for the extra boost.
Corn starch is used for making foods extra crispy because it has the same effect as the starches found in potatoes, but it has an even higher percentage of the starch amylose. This makes it even more potent for adding that crispy texture, and makes it perfect for adding a crunch to carrot fries.