SHANGHAI, CHINA - APRIL 27: Signs are seen outside Five Guys restaurant on Middle Huaihai Road on April 27, 2021 in Shanghai, China. Five Guys opened its first restaurant in China on Monday. (Photo by Wang Gang/VCG via Getty Images)
The Key Reason Five Guys' Food Is So Delicious
By Chase Shustack
Five Guys stands out from the usual fast-food competitors for various reasons, each centered around one idea — really good, high-quality food. One of the most defining characteristics of Five Guys that separates it from most other mainstream fast-food restaurants is how the food itself is stored.
According to an employee, there are no freezers at any location, only coolers, and each morning, the meat is prepped straight from the cooler, dated, and rotated to prevent any "old" meat from being reused. Another employee, per Reddit, admits that the burger patties are "technically frozen," stored in a cooler that's just below freezing temperature, but only for a brief period instead of sitting in a freezer.
Five Guys also uses peanut oil to deep-fry its French fries, which, as founding member Jerry Murrell explains, gives the fries a "melt-in-your-mouth buttery taste." Fryers are kept strictly for fries instead of "doubling up" on anything else from the menu, and the potatoes are cut in-store, washed, and then cooked twice — once to "pre-cook" and then to finish them off.