devil's food cake on a white background
The Key Ingredient Difference In Devil's Food Cake Vs. Chocolate Cake
By Kelly Douglas
Devil’s food cake and chocolate cake are both chocolatey cakes that will satisfy your craving, but there are some key ingredient differences that separate Devil's food cake from chocolate cake. These ingredients make Devil’s food cake far more light and fluffy than its dense and moist counterpart.
Devil's food cake often turns out to be lighter in texture and richer in taste because it has more baking soda. Baking soda allows baked goods to rise and creates bubbles, which makes Devil's food cake have more fluff and more bubbles than chocolate cake does.
But that's not all — Devil's food cake also typically contains cocoa powder and oil, while chocolate cake relies on melted chocolate and butter for its flavor. The cocoa powder also contributes to making Devil's food cake fluffier than other cake types.