top view of Poached eggs with Peameal bacon and toast
The Juicy, Lean Bacon Cut You Can Only Find In Canada
By Linda Larsen
In many parts of the world, bacon is known as the salty, crisp, and flavorful pork strips that are perfect for breakfast. Then there's American-style Canadian bacon that is sold ready-to-eat and used for breakfast and in many recipes, but in Canada, the real Canadian bacon is juicier, leaner, and has an added ingredient rolled into it.
Peameal bacon is a popular type of Canadian bacon, especially in Toronto, Ontario. In contrast to American-style Canadian bacon, which is frequently smoked or cured, slabs of pork loin are wet-cured and then coated in cornmeal or peameal (crushed yellow peas), extending its shelf life.
Peameal bacon is popular in a sandwich, served on a soft roll with some mustard or melted cheese. It's difficult, if not impossible, to find real peameal bacon for sale in the United States, although you can order a frozen slab of it from North Country Smokehouse or
Ontario's own Brooker's Natural Meats.