Martinez alcoholic cocktail drink with red vermouth, liqueur, orange bitter, zest and ice. Light beige background, hard light, shadow pattern, minimalism
The Intricate Japanese Rum Cocktail That Gets Served With
A Cigar
By Nico Danilovich
Japan has plenty of rum cocktails for anyone to enjoy, including the Rum Martinez, developed by the accomplished Takumi Watanabe. Its most basic form includes bitters, juniper spirits, Maraschino liqueur, orange Curaçao, and vermouth, and the recipe has a complex history related to both the Manhattan and Martini.
The Martinez dates back to the 1800s and was derived from the Manhattan, but over time, the drink transformed from being a Manhattan with gin instead of whiskey into its own category of a cocktail. While not as popular as the Manhattan itself, the Martinez was successful enough to spawn the famous Martini.
The Japanese publication "Bar Times" posted a video to YouTube of Watanabe detailing the 17 steps needed to make the Martinez and lighting a cigar to be enjoyed alongside the drink. As the video is only found in Japanese, Liquor claims that Watanabe used 23-year-old rum, digital smoke infusers, Maraschino liqueur, toasted wood chips, and vermouth, but there is no official recipe in English.