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The Instant Pot Boiling Test That Doubles As An Egg Hack
By Lauren Wood
For years, pressure cookers have taken the stress out of cooking, and the arrival of Instant Pot in 2010 made modern cooking much more effortless. If you've recently acquired an Instant Pot, you'll want to ensure that the pressure builds appropriately by performing this water test.
To make your water test worthwhile, grab your inner pot, place a small metal rack inside, and snatch a few eggs from the fridge for a hearty, protein-filled snack. Fill the pressure cooker with a few cups of water, lock the lid, seal the nozzle, and manually pressure cook for five minutes.
Carefully remove the eggs and dump the boiling water to complete your water test. According to the company website, the water test is the best way to check the pressure on your Instant Pot, and now you have a basket of hard-boiled eggs to prove it!