A tuna salad on a bed of green salad with tomatoes.
The Ingredient Swap You Need To Turn Tuna Salad Into Travel-Ready Spread
By Sarah Richter
A tuna salad spread provides an energy boost and is delicious, but it can also be made ahead of time, so you're not scrambling to get out the door. One crucial ingredient swap makes it especially easy to bump up the protein and monounsaturated fat in this tuna salad without sacrificing flavor.
By eschewing the mayonnaise and combining Greek yogurt (which has some saturated fat) with mashed avocado, protein and some monounsaturated fat can help lower LDL cholesterol. Tuna pairs especially well with bright, citrusy flavors, so a squeeze of lemon juice is a welcome addition.
Finally, ¼ cup diced onion or celery gets mixed in for both crunch and flavor. If you prefer a milder taste, go for the celery, but be sure to remove the strings first. When serving this travel-approved tuna salad spread, don't forget a cold pack or freezable lunchbox to keep this fresh till it's time to eat.