The Ingredient Swap You Need To Make For The Most Flavorful Rice
By Angel Albring
Rice can be used in a wide variety of dishes, and in addition to its nutritional benefits, you can add flavor to the rice itself. Numerous recipes involve adding spices, herbs, and other ingredients to plain rice after it has cooked, but you can cook the flavor right into the rice with one simple ingredient swap.
For adding a hint of flavor to your rice dishes, canned coconut milk can be used in place of water or broth when you are cooking the rice. However, before tossing dry rice into canned coconut milk, be sure you use the unsweetened variety to avoid adding unnecessary sugar to your recipe, and use equal amounts of coconut milk and water to give the rice a more subtle flavor.
When cooking coconut rice, diluting the coconut milk with water is necessary, as the milk is too thick for the rice to absorb, and undiluted coconut milk results in sticky rice that clumps together. Moreover, just two tablespoons of coconut milk contain 56 calories and six grams of fat, so cutting the coconut milk with water using a 1:1 ratio can make your dish healthier.