Glass jug of fresh milk isolated on white. With clipping path
The Ingredient Swap You Need To Make For The Best Homemade Buttermilk
By Crystal Antonace
With its ability to enhance and add a distinct, tangy flavor component to baked goods, buttermilk is one useful ingredient you don’t want to run out of. Fortunately, one ingredient can excellently replicate buttermilk’s thick and creamy texture, and chances are you have it on hand.
If you run out of buttermilk, then heavy cream is your greatest ally, as one home chef claims that mixing one teaspoon of vinegar into one cup of heavy cream creates a comparable buttermilk substitute. However, vinegar is essential as without it, there is a lack of an acidic reaction from the baking soda in your recipe, so it may be wiser to use baking powder instead.
Besides heavy cream, milk combined with lemon juice, vinegar, or even cream of tartar is great for replicating the clabbered effect of real buttermilk. Since it’s a fermented dairy product, Greek yogurt can also work as a substitute, especially if it’s been thinned out with water to replicate buttermilk’s smooth consistency.