bowl of creamy potato soup
The Ingredient Hack To Easily Thicken Most Soups
By Laura Zbinden
If your soup is too runny and you don't want to make a roux, add a cornstarch slurry, or worry about lumps of raw powder, try adding instant potatoes.
Instant potatoes are a great thickener because they're made from dehydrated, cooked potatoes. They don't add any extra liquid, and the starch soaks up liquid to thicken the soup.
Add your instant potatoes to your soup one spoonful at a time and stir it for a minute or two to completely incorporate them. If your broth is still too thin, gradually add more.
If you accidentally make the soup too thick, you can always add more cream, stock, or water to even it out. Once you've reached the desired thickness, season it to taste.
This trick is super easy and useful, but it works best in cream or potato-based soups, like clam chowder, cheddar and broccoli, cream of mushroom, or loaded potato soup.
Adding instant potatoes to a soup with a thin, clear broth changes the nature of the dish too much. This includes chicken noodle soup, French onion soup, or tomato-based broths.