Close up of homemade classic burger in wheat bun with beef and veal cutlets, melted cheese and vegetables on white ceramic plate over dark table. Copy space. With glass of cola. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Ingredient Combination Of A One-Of-A-Kind Whataburger Soda
By Chase Shustack
Smaller restaurants have carved out their niche in certain sections of the country. One of these is Whataburger, a small carhop restaurant chain in North Carolina with a signature drink that must be tasted to be believed.
This pickle juice infused signature soda is known as "The Witch Doctor." North Carolina magazine Our State describes it as a "muddy-red mixture of all the flavors from the soda fountain plus pickle juice, and topped with a bunch of pickle slices and a lemon wedge," with the flavor profile of "coleslaw on a slice of cherry pie."
It seems some customers of Whataburger agree that the drink is something that must be tasted first to see if you're a fan of it. "What an interesting drink. Give it a try!" advises one TripAdvisor user, "You'll either totally love it or totally hate it."