Two cups with hot chocolate on a white background.
The Indulgent Powder That Will Change Hot Chocolate Forever
By Kelly Douglas
Whether you prefer to order hot chocolate or make a homemade version, you always know exactly what you're getting: a chocolatey drink with a bit of milk and maybe some toppings for a seasonal twist. One way to level up a mug of hot chocolate stands out because it's backed by professional chefs, and all you need is a powdered ingredient you can probably find at your local supermarket.
Vanilla powder is a quick, easy, and flavorful addition to hot chocolate, and it can take a simple flavor profile to new heights with a complex blend of flavors. Professional chef Ines Anguiano shared her vanilla powder hot chocolate with fellow chef Kendra Vaculin, who said, "The chocolate is so much more punchy because it has the vanilla... bubbling it up."
If you top your hot chocolate with whipped cream, you might want to add the vanilla powder for a sweet, creamy sip that tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Vanilla powder is typically pricier than vanilla-based alternatives, such as vanilla extract, but according to these chefs, when it comes to hot chocolate, it's a worthy investment.