La Habra, California: An illuminated In-N-Out Burger sign at sunset in La Habra, California
The In-N-Out Fry Ordering Hack For The Crispiest Fries At Home
By Haldan Kirsch
Getting fast food fries to last the drive home has been a problem since drive-throughs first came around. This typically happens to
In-N-Out Burger fries.
However, you can fix this In-N-Out flaw by ordering their fries lightly cooked, taking them home, and refrying them yourself, creating golden brown crispy fries.
The best way to make French fries is to fry them twice. During the first fry, the moisture on the surface of the potato is cooked off.
Since In-N-Out Burger only fries them once, the moisture from the potato will make its way to the surface again, making your fries greasy, limp, and not at all appetizing.
Once you arrive home from the drive-through, you can re-fry the fries to remove the remaining moisture and create golden-brown, crispy fries.
The answer is to let In-N-Out Burger take care of that first fry for you but finish it off at home for the best possible french fries at home.