Bread, traditional sourdough bread on a rustic table.
The Importance Of Not Storing Fresh Bread In Plastic
By Elizabeth Pak
Homemade and fresh bread lack preservatives like calcium propionate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and sorbic acid, which help prevent mold and increase the shelf life of store-bought bread. For this reason, store-bought bread can be stored in plastic, but you should preserve homemade or fresh bread differently.
You shouldn't store bread in plastic because the material isn't breathable, so when the moisture in the bread makes its way outward, it has nowhere to go. Your bread will then start to harvest bacteria in a few days due to a lack of airflow.
Storing your bread in paper bags is one of the best ways to keep it fresher for longer, as paper's breathable material prevents the bread from becoming too moist. However, this runs the risk of making your bread overly dry, and replacing the heels of your bread on either side of the loaf will help retain moisture while storing.