A piece of Basque burnt cheesecake put, the whole cake is at the background. Tarta de Queso. Selective focus
The Importance Of Cooking Your Cheesecake In A Water Bath
By Gregory Lovvorn
Cheesecake is a guilty pleasure for many of us, but what saves us from addiction is that cheesecakes are expensive to buy and somewhat tricky to cook at home. If you do want to cook a perfect cheesecake at home, make sure to cook it in a water bath.
Per Taste of Home, cooking your cheesecake in a water bath ensures that the batter is heated and cooked evenly from all sides. Through the process of evaporation, the water increases the humidity in your oven, and it “creates a moist atmosphere that keeps the cake from drying out and cracking," says the head of the magazine's Home Prep Kitchen.
Using a water bath when baking a cheesecake also helps avoid other common issues like rubbery edges, a dark top, and a sinkhole center. The first step of cooking a cheesecake in a water bath is to pick a baking pan that is as deep as your spring pan and large enough to hold a good bit of water.
Next, you’ll want to place the pan on a sheet of aluminum foil — wrapping it from the bottom up to avoid leaks — and set it in the larger baking dish. Lastly, carefully fill the baking dish with hot water, slide your whole concoction into your preheated oven, and bake according to recipe.