Black Hydro Flask in a pile of leaves
The Ideal Way To Thoroughly Clean Your Hydro Flask
By Laura Zbinden
According to CNN, one of the most popular stainless steel bottles in recent years has been the Hydro Flask, but giving your bottle a quick rinse before each use isn't enough.
Although stainless steel is bacteria-resistant, it is not bacteria-proof and will still grow a biofilm of little microorganisms on the inside walls if not cleaned often.
Per Hydro Flask's instructions, water bottles should be washed at least once a day to prevent bacteria growth, and the company recommends three ways to keep your bottle clean.
The most effective method is to throw the bottle in the dishwasher, including the straw and lid. It's recommended to do this every night, so it gets rinsed with hot water and soap.
The second method is simply washing your bottle with warm water and soap. The company recommends using its cleaning kit, which includes a wire brush and a straw cleaner.
When you are camping or don't have access to warm running water, you can use Hydro Flask's cleaning tablets, specifically designed to kill bacteria with natural ingredients.