Pork chops cooking on a griddle.
The Ideal Way To Clean And Care For A Blackstone Griddle
By Stacie Adams
Blackstone griddles are a prized appliance among grill masters of all skill levels, and proper care and upkeep will ensure that you get the most out of your griddle.
Once the griddle is cool to the touch, take your trusty metal spatula and start scraping. If there are particularly pesky bits, douse them with water while the griddle is still warm.
When the water has loosened the stuck food, take a paper towel or cloth and wipe the surface to remove any residue. Once that's done, hit the griddle with a scouring pad.
After scouring, moisten another paper towel and rub it over the surface to remove any lingering debris before drying it with a cloth.
You'll also want to apply oil to your griddle — a step known as seasoning, which keeps food from sticking to surfaces while also infusing new flavors into your recipes.
You can season the griddle with olive, vegetable, canola, or even shortening. Once it's oiled, turn the griddle back on and allow it to run for 30 minutes.
Proper griddle storage will prevent elemental damage. Cover your griddle with a canvas cover, and keep it in a place that's not too hot or cold and protected from precipitation.