Comte, French Cheese produced from Cow's Milk
The Ideal Substitute You Need For Gruyere Cheese
By Allie Sivak
While Gruyère cheese has become common at grocery stores, it comes with a hefty price tag. If you want a more affordable option, you can easily substitute Gruyère with Comté.
Much like Gruyère, Comté has a bold flavor with savory notes of nuts. It's delicious by itself but strong enough to hold its own in dishes with other powerful ingredients.
Like most cheeses, Comté changes slightly depending on how long it's been aged. A younger Comté is naturally softer and lends itself particularly well to melting.
Comté that's been aged longer is harder and has a much stronger flavor, making it great for charcuterie boards, while a younger Comté is perfect for your next grilled cheese.
This French cheese is also sort of fancy while still being widely available, and it feels like a step up from easier substitutions like your standard deli-counter Swiss cheese.