a hand holing a blue plate that has a stack of mini pancakes with a blackberry on top
The Ice Cube Tray Hack For Adorable Mini Pancakes
By Natasha Brooks
With a recent spike in home chefs, it's no surprise why food hacks on Tik Tok have been met with wide popularity, and the latest trick involves a food item almost everyone loves. Kelly Senyei, aka @justataste, shared a video on the platform that involves making pancakes with an ice cube tray, a griddle, and your favorite pancake batter.
In Senyei's Tik Tok video, she starts by mixing her favorite light and fluffy pancake recipe then carefully pours the batter into an ice cube tray, topping it with yummy add-ins — Senyei suggests frozen blueberries, chocolate chips, and fresh fruit. Next, she places the trays in the freezer, and once frozen, she pops them out and evenly spaces them on the griddle.
Senyei suggests keeping the griddle on LOW heat, as she says "low and slow" is the key to perfection, and try to keep the batter from spilling over the sides to easily pop the cubes out when frozen. Unfortunately, when Taste of Home tested this hack, they discovered a "plasticky 'freezer' taste" and questioned whether it saves time, as you're left with a large mess from filling the trays and longer cooking time for the frozen batter.