Burger with flying ingredients isolated on white background
The Ice Cube Hack For Ridiculously Juicy Burgers Every Time
By Angel Albring
Everyone has their own secret technique for making the perfect burger, ranging from how thick the patty is to how you cook it. However, "Master Chef" judge Graham Elliot recently shared his secret for perfectly juicy burgers that involves something everybody has right inside their freezer: ice cubes.
According to Elliot, you simply make your patties as you normally would and then put a single ice cube in the center of each one and fold the meat around it. This way, the melting cube keeps the patty from drying out while you cook by distributing more moisture throughout it.
Since ice cubes are just plain water, this hack won’t impact the flavor of the patty's seasoning, but it will require you to make patties thick enough to wrap around the cube. It’s also important to keep in mind that this method doesn’t work well for rare burgers, since they tend to have cooler centers and therefore won’t properly melt the ice cube.