Peanut butter jar isolated on a white background viewed from above. Top view
The Ice Cream Hack To Use Up Your Last Scraps Of Peanut Butter
By Brianna Corley
While peanut butter is a food item that the U.S. has historically never taken for granted, you may not be tapping into the full potential of one jar. One advantage in particular, surprisingly, concerns the last remaining bits of peanut butter stuck to the bottom of your jar and the delicious frozen dessert it can help create.
Shared by Delish on Tik Tok, all you need is heavy cream and the optional addition of powdered sugar to turn the last of your peanut butter into a delicious ice cream treat. Just pour a little half-and-half into your peanut butter jar, shake the container until the contents solidify, and then add a little powdered sugar.
You can follow the lead of another TikTok video that utilizes chocolate chips or try including honey, condensed milk, or pretzels for an extra flair to your peanut butter ice cream. Leaving your peanut butter jar in the freezer for three hours will give your dessert a more creamy texture, or leave it overnight for the perfect ice cream consistency.