Black Sturgeon caviar in can on ice in metal plate on concrete background copy space
The Hype-Heavy Caviar Restaurant Exposed For Serving Cheap Toast
By Stacie Adams
As far as snacks go, caviar is undoubtedly a league above standard party fares like chips and dip, especially when it comes to high-grade dining. Its association with luxury and its high price tag is also why a lackluster experience at a world-famous caviar restaurant would not be acceptable.
Caviar Kaspia is a world-renowned dining establishment with locations in Paris and New York City that focuses exclusively on caviar preparations, such as caviar-laden twice-baked potatoes, caviar pasta, and other opulent dishes. However, in a recap of her dining experience, a TikToker labeled Caviar Kaspia “a joke” thanks to the presumed Wonder Bread toast that accompanied her meal.
The diner added that she could have done better at Walmart, criticizing the restaurant’s blinis (a small pancake made with yeast dough), which surrounded a ramekin of gelatinous white goo. She also said that its royal osetra was the worst she’s ever had and was not worth its whopping $1500 price tag.