Steaming hot cup of coffee on a wooden table
The Hot Water Trick That Prevents Your Cup Of Coffee From Cooling Down
By Lauren Farkas
There’s nothing like a hot coffee on a frigid winter day, as the steaming, fragrant cup of joe warms you up from the inside out. However, any avid coffee drinker can tell you that the problem is how fleeting that warmth can be, but there is a simple trick to help prevent this issue from arising.
If you want your hot beverage to retain as much heat as possible, you just have to preheat the mug to keep your coffee nice and warm. This can be done by running the mug under a hot tap or swishing boiled water for a few seconds.
This easy method takes mere moments to implement into a morning or afternoon coffee ritual. Whether you prefer a classic drip, a foamy latte, a spot of tea, or a hot beverage of any form, this method will help you retain as much of that sweet heat as possible, especially on chilly days.