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The Hot-And-Ready Ribs That Have Costco Shoppers Torn
By Chase Shustack
One of the benefits of a Costco membership is that you're almost always bound to find something in the store that suits your tastes. While Costco doesn't exactly sell ribs as cheap as its hot dog and soda combo in its food court, some customers claim to have discovered a "hot-n-ready" meal of barbecue ribs that are well worth the price.
 "Hot-n-ready" means that the barbecue ribs are kept warm in a plastic container and can be enjoyed as soon as they’re purchased without heating them up, but many are divided about them. "They are meh..." stated one Reddit user, adding, "When they used to put BBQ sauce on them, they were delicious, but the dry rub is overly salty to me."
YouTuber Chef Dawg was more positive in his feedback, noting that the ready-to-eat ribs are good for convenience when you want some hot prepared ribs to eat — although he'd still prepare his own ribs for a large group. This item is not available in every Costco, and while the ready-to-eat warm ribs can cost $8.49 per pound, the pre-cooked but chilled ribs are even cheaper at $4.99 per pound.