friends toasting with red wine after the harvesting
The Holiday Party Appetizer Ratio You Need To Remember
By Gregory Lovvorn
How many people can you fit in your home, how much food, and what types of drinks you should serve are just a few of the questions that arise when hosting a holiday party. While only you can answer most space- and family-related questions, we can help clear up a few food-centered issues.
The golden ratio for serving bite-sized appetizers is six per person, which should be enough to satisfy early arrivals but not too much to make your guests lose their hunger for the main course. As for beverages, one nonalcoholic drink is enough if you also provide cocktails; otherwise, plan on three.
If you're serving wine, one bottle per two people should suffice, and when it comes to beer, you should have two per person for the first hour and one an hour for the rest of the party. For stronger libations, three drinks per person should be enough, but ultimately, these ratios can differ depending on the length of the party and the crowd you've invited.