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The High-Octane Whirlpool Method Of Boiling Scrambled Eggs
By Elaina Friedman
There might be just as many ways to make a simple egg as there are people on this earth, which is to say that everyone has their way of going about it. If you’re partial to soft, silky scrambled eggs, you might want to ditch the skillet in favor of a more unconventional method.
Chef Daniel Patterson, whom Eater refers to as "one of the country's great modernist chefs," uses water to make soft scrambled eggs. First, he brings water to a simmer in a large saucepan, then he beats the eggs in a bowl for 20 seconds and uses a wooden spoon to forcibly stir the water and create a whirlpool effect.
Next, Patterson reduces the heat, pours the beaten eggs into the center of the vortex, covers the pot, and sets a timer for 40 seconds (or 20 seconds, if he's making a single serving). When the timer goes off, he drains the water and uses a slotted spoon to hold the eggs in place before letting them drain for 10 seconds.