Jack in the box road sign, Buellton, California
The Hardee's-Jack In The Box Feud You Might Not Have Known About
By Aimee Lamoureux
Hardee’s and Carl's Jr. are probably best known for their burgers, and in 2007, these two sister chains were selling patties made from Angus beef. Jack in the Box, another fast food franchise that had recently released a sirloin burger, launched a new ad campaign trolling the franchises’ Angus burgers.
The commercial featured the Jack in the Box mascot implying that Angus burgers came from a cow’s buttocks. In response to the ad, then-Hardee’s-CEO Andy Puzder filed a lawsuit in federal court in Santa Ana, California, claiming that the ad was intentionally misleading.
Puzder was able to provide some proof to his claim that the ads were damaging his business using a survey that showed 36 percent of respondents believed Angus beef came from the cow's buttock. While CKE Restaurants’ request to have the offending ads pulled from the air was denied, the two chains were able to come up with a settlement outside of court.