Raw ingredients, like potatoes and asparagus laying in a black metal pan and a senape kitchen towel on a side. Top view, with grey dark background. (Photo by: Sabrina Rossi/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Hack To Easily Mince A Bunch Of Chives
By Gregory Lovvorn
Chives are an excellent addition to many savory and sweet dishes. However, the one big issue many cooks have with chives is that they can be a pain to chop, so if you love chives but hate cutting them, we've got you covered.
Chef Genevieve LaMonaca shared a video on Instagram of a trick for cutting chives that she picked up while working in a Michelin-starred restaurant. To start, wash and dry the chives, then take a paper towel and wet it lightly before wringing it out and spreading it on a flat surface.
Next, fold the paper towel in half, then fold it again and wrap it around the chives to form a bundle with the chives sticking out about two inches. The damp paper towel will hold the chives together tightly, making them a breeze to slice.